Ok, this is for the stratocaster clan. I've been wanting to upgrade my Fender Squire Strat (my first guitar & old friend) for a while now and I want to replace the neck. However I've noticed that there's a lot to choose from and I tend to get a bit lost. You see I've noticed that the stratocaster headstock varies in size according to various models, years, I'm not sure. What I do like, are the necks with the small headstocks. What I don't know; did these things came off made in america models? I hope so. And can anyone help me identify this particular neck with small headstock? I'm looking for an original replacement. Anyone who can make sense of what I'm saying, I will greatly appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
Getting a new American or Mexican neck will cost you at LEAST $150. I think it would be worth it to save up for a used MIM strat for like $250.

Sorry if I didn't help, just my two cents.
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Those larger headstocks are the 70s "pre-CBS" ones. The smaller ones you like are more modern ones from American or Mexicsn strats. Try gig to Warmoth.com and picking out a strat neck to your liking.
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larger headstocks are CBS ones. CBS bought fender in the late 60's, thats where the big headstock came from. smaller ones are the old ones pre-CBS. the highly prized '54, '57, '58, '61, '62 (pretty much all years) strats had the smaller headstocks.

also something you can look at are the back contours. the back of the neck were shaped differently each year from the '50s till now. modern "standard" strats come with a C shape neck, while '57 had a soft-v which is my favorite, '54 had either a sharp-v or a U shaped neck. '62 had C-shaped necks i think... they play differnetly.

the fingerboard radius in the '50s were 7.25", which is curvy than the modern 9.5" radius. ibanez and other shred guitars have very flat radius (common to have 17"+) that makes them play faster.

wood being used is a factor, i like the snappy sound of one piece maple neck guitars as opposed to maple back + rosewood fretboard. it's definitely your preference though. maple comes in different styles, flame maple, birdseye maple, quilted maple, hard maple, quartersawn/flatsawn maple, etc.

tuners are big, I like vintage kluson style tuners, but there are a lot out there. locking tuners are very helpful if you have to restring on the fly.

nut is a factor, there are different kinds of nuts you can use on a guitar neck. old ones used bone, cheap ones use plastic, i think tusq nut is gaining good reputation from guitarists everywhere. i use tusq nut, and i don't have anything to complain about myself.

necks can be bought everywhere, but especially ebay. you can buy it pretty cheap, $150 is a pretty cheap one honestly. I hope you get a "good" quality american strat neck for $150. ones on ebay are probably taken from a stratocaster since the owner got a replacement neck or somehting. i think it's a good idea though.

make sure the neck pocket and the mounting holes are correct. I'm hoping they are, but you never know. you might have to shell out more money on an american made body (which is also nice) too!
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i've heard many times on here that the only good part about a squire is the neck. so you're basically wanting to change the only part of the guitar worth keeping.

if you want to upgrade it I suggest thinking about the pickups, tuners, bridge, etc. you'll get a lot more benefit out of changing those. also, is it set up properly? a nicely set up squire plays really well.
I'd really recommend a Mighty Mite neck. They are Fender Licensed, and made to the same specs, and they are available with a variety of headstock designs.

The neck that I've got on my strat has a soft V profile, and it's absolutely brilliant quality.