I'm writing a song about arson. I was at a summer music camp and seeing the camp fire inspired me. I felt like writing a song about a tragic event, and I know Play Crack the Sky by Brand New is about a shipwreck and that song inspired me as well. I also sort of wanted to compare the situation to (of course,) love. So if anyone has been in a house fire would you mind sharing your story? The lyrics I have so far:

The sirens were heard, the glass was breaking
The neighbours came out of their homes in their robes.
'Twas two in the morning, No one heard the footsteps
No one heard the match strike or the oil can spill.

My kitty Mae, her tail was aflame
She jumped out the window and ran fast away.
I thought of you, how you may be the last thought
I think about if I jump that twenty five foot drop.

Dancing through the roof and the windows
The orange breaks through the walls.
I'm huddled in the corner gasping the smoke
Like I was when you were gone.

Thank you very much for your help.
Or if you have been in any other disaster.
Tornadoes, floods, shipwreck, floods, all that jazz.
Thanks again.
i like the chorus!! maybe you can stike out the word fast in this line

My kitty Mae, her tail was aflame
She jumped out the window and ran fast away.

just something to suggest!!
i felt the last line of the first verse was a little plain... but the rest is good so good job!!
Ok so i like the last two lines of the chorus. but not hte two first and i feel like you should change that, if wanted (: i also like the last two lines of the second verse. I think you should make this longer if you wanna do something with it. like..make music or something eh? Go for it (: I'm not soo cean on the whole idea of this being abt love and all. it sounds a bit too common and cliche for my taste. ohh and i really like hte last line of the first verse (: I'm sure i wasn't much help, but...hopefully you can use what i said, anyways (: just..expand oki? (: