Hey guys

I have never played a Fender thinline, but i was just wondering how does the hollow part of the electric guitar affect the tonality of the instrument.

I believe the OP wanted to know in what way the semi-hollow construction alter the tone, not just whether it does or not.

Thinlines have a thicker, more resonant tone than standard Telecaster bodies. This is further exaggerated by their usually warmer-toned pickups. The Thinline body style was originally created to provide a warmer tone to compete with the mahogany-bodied guitars Gibson was producing. I find the standard ash or alder Thinlines have a tone somewhere between a Telecaster and an SG, while the somewhat rare mahogany and rosewood Thinlines have a tone about equal to a Les Paul. The neck pickup is always a little brighter on a Thinline than on a Gibson-style instrument because of the bolt-on construction.
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I believe it also gives a slightly bassier tone.
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