What's the policy on resurrecting threads? If someone makes a thread that's already been made, people only respond with "searchbar." If someone responds to a thread that's like 3 months old, they're flamed for making it a zombie thread. So what's the deal? Which one is the lesser of the evils?
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I wouldn't resurrect a thread that's like, "What should I get for my friend's birthday next week?" if it's three years old. But I'd have no quarrels reviving an "ONLY" thread or something that can still be expanded upon.

edit: Sometimes, if a thread is old, I'd just make a new one on the same topic. Ignore the haters.
You should use the search function before making a new thread because your question may have already been answered before or there may be an excess of the same thread topic. Bumping old threads is accepted if it contributes to the discussion and isn't just a pointless/spam post (i.e. "lol").

Questions like these should be dealt with in the New Members Q&A forum or by PM'img a mod. Thanks.


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