Are the Epiphone Exploerer Gothic's anygood?

found someone selling one for $350aus which is very cheap

in mint condistion comes with gig bag, has EMG HZ pickups (and yes i know there crap), and comes with leather strap

i'll be playin metal on it (and dont bother saying "buy a new amp")

so any good/worth it?
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It sounds like an good deal. They're $400 USD, which converts to ~$445 AUD, and considering it has aftermarket pickups, I'd get it.

Just make sure you play it and like it. I had an Epiphone Goth SG, and I absolutely hated it. It was the first guitar I actually bought, and I bought it online, and I knew absolutely nothing about guitars back then...

Anyway, just make sure you like it before you buy it.
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