Well I keep hearing all this talk about bare knuckle pickups and how they're really great, which they are, yes, but just how good?

I have a dimarzio d activator x in the bridge, and a paf Joe in the neck of a basswood ibanez 6 string; and I have an x2n 7 in the bridge and an air norton in the neck of my basswood ibanez 7 string

based off this, I simply wonder 3 things:

1: how is my taste in pickups?

2: would bare knuckles or any other boutique company pickups be worth the money? Meaning, how much would they really improve anything?

3: based off. The pickups I already have, what seymour duncans models are comparable?

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Unless you were dissatisfied with your current pickups, BK's wouldn't be worth the money to upgrade imo. SD's are about on par with Dimarzio's.
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thats now worth it unless your not happy with you current pick ups but if you go from stock bareknuckles are like god himself told your guitar to sound better