Hey guys I'm gonna experiment and try other types of strings because so far I have been using D'Addario's 10's. I have good mixed things about pure nickel strings and (regular) nickel plated strings, they all do agree on one thing, they seem a bit softer, warmer, darker. Do these strings last about the same as a "regular" string? Does't nickel corrode faster anyway? I also wanted to try out GHS Sub-Zero Boomers, since they claim that they last longer than a normal string, is this marketing BS? Then comes the Dean Markley "vintage" versus the regular strings... seems like there are waaaay too many strings here. Any help guys? I know they aren't that expensive but you know I gonna spend some good money (that I worked hard to earn) on a reputable string and not be led by marketing BS. Any tips?
What strings you use is really personal preference. There is no best string, certain strings just work better for certain people.

A lot of people swear by D'Addario's, while just as many swear by Ernie Balls, and so on and so forth. Just use whichever ones feel the best to you.
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In the overall price of gear, the price of strings is irrelavent. We're talking low end to high end 3 to 12 bucks? I recently restrung with Ernie Ball Pure Nickel 2250s and I couldn't be happier. If you restring 4 times a year, you're talking less than $40/year. Totally worth it. FWIW, Daddorio makes a good string too, but when I was looking for my particular gauge and material, I happened upon the EB first.

As far as actual gauge recommendations, if you like the feel and sound that you have, get the same gauge set, but don't be afraid of going heavier or lighter, just know that you will have to make some adjustments, plenty of help is here on the pinned threads and otherwise.
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