I am going to college in less than a month (Saint Louis University) and I plan on bringing my Fender American Deluxe V Neck Stratocaster with me. I don't plan on bringing it with me on moving day but maybe over Fall Break in October I will come home and get it because I am too nervous to bring my prized guitar to an unfamiliar place. I planned on originally just bringing my acoustic but in all honesty, I am going to need to crank out the blues every once and a while or else I'll die of stress.

I know my roommate, he seems to be very trustworthy and is even a piano player himself. Therefore, he knows the value of my belongings. However, one never knows what will happen. Our room could get broken into, etc. Therefore, I was thinking of creating an awesome, completely safe, lockbox. I was thinking about making a cabinet, only slightly larger than the case for my Stratocaster, and having three compartments. One small compartment on top for my cable and a tuner or something, the compartment in the middle to hold the guitar, and a compartment on the bottom that will be able to be opened via hinges inside the cabinet itself that will have a few sandbags or weights in it.

My plan is to have weight on the bottom so no one can easily just take off with it and open it up somewhere else. Then I will fasten it to a desk or something via a laptop lock or something, just in case. In addition, I would like to install a padlock on it that could only be opened with a key that will be with my at all times. Plus, I will of course lock my guitar case. This plan seems pretty fool proof. However, I would like to know if anyone has done this or have any ideas for efficiency?
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You are overthinking this. Use the hardshell locking case it came with (or get one), get a bike lock and lock the case to your bedpost.

It's a dorm, not a crack den. There's a lock on the door to the room and another on the door to the building. You're going to be fine. Besides, you're not going to have room for a big old piece of furniture like that anyway.

I went through this too, and was really nervous about bringing a nice guitar to a dorm, but I think you'll find that it's not at all a big deal. Pretty much everyone has a guitar in the dorms so your strat's not going to stand out. You should be way more worried about your laptop, ipod, and digital camera - the small, expensive stuff that someone can grab and throw in a backpack and sell easily on ebay or craigslist or whatever.
lol reminds me of something i would do. nice plan, but to be most efficient, i would think of devising some way to mount the locking case to your bed, probably underneath, i would use a few wood pieces that rotate on the corners of the case to lock it in, rather than using a whole huge cabinet ro something, but youd need something to push for pressure on the bed posts to make it solid. and itd also need to be easily removable like at the end of the semester by you via a key of some sort.. idk, im a studying engineer so i like thinking of stuff like this, but as the other guy said, maybe it wouldnt be such a big deal. but then again, i (and probably like you) am very paranoid... hmm.. maybe something with bars and chains...
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Hey, I go to Washington University, right across Forest Park from SLU!

Yeah, don't worry about it. I bring both my acoustic and electric and amp. They tell you alot about theft to scare you, but don't worry too much about it. Keep your room door locked, keep the guitar out of sight. If you're really nervous, do the hardcase plus bike lock thing.

Have a good time at SLU