uh, I'm looking for a new amp, preferably under $600. I'm really in need of a new, good amp, I currently have a horrible Line 6 Spider II, I don't need to say much more than that.

I'm looking for a combo tube amp, for the fact that I won't be needing the amp for any gigging right now, and because a head and cab would be too much money and too loud for my needs.

I play stuff from Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, Unearth, to stuff like Mayday Parade, For All those Sleeping and All Time Low. I even play the occasional Radiohead and Oasis, so it's a pretty broad spectrum of music being played here.

I've been looking at the 6505+ 112 combo amp, I'm pretty fond of distortion, and with the 6505+ 112, I know the gain is really tight and clean. I know the 6505's aren't too good with cleans, but I've heard the + models have slightly better cleans, and cleans can always be tightened up with Chorus and Reverb.

so....what do you think?
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in my opinion, the bugera 6262 is a much better amp than the 6505. i've gigged with both several times, and from my experience, i always preferred the bugera. it has more usable gain (peavey had more gain overall on tap, but after a certain point there was next to no difference). the bugera also had a tighter bottom end, yet had more of it there. the cleans are MUCH better as well.

dont get me wrong, the 6505 is a great amp. i liked it a lot. but i have just found you get a little more for your money with bugera.

also as a side note: for those that are going to undoubtedly argue quality, they're both chinese made. i've heard from friends working in guitar shops of the peavey coming back more often for repairs (or were completely dead on arrival) then the bugera. most of the quality issues with bugera were fixed with by the second run of amps. only the first run broke down a lot.

(also check out the 333xl by bugera. see if you can find used peavey jsx at that price. those may be worth checking out for you as well)

hope that helped!

I'd say go for it and try one out. There's really no reason you shouldn't be able to get what you want out of it except for maybe the clean cleans but that's what tweaking is for.
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I don't see how much better the 6262 Combo can be if it's just a clone of the 6505, that doesn't make much sense to me. and I've heard a lot of credibility and reliability issues with the 6262 combo, a lot more than anything I've heard about the 6505+ combo. I've been told many times to stay away from Bugera.
The Bugeras are more "inspired" than clones. They are NOT exact copies. They have different features and different, though SIMILAR sounds.
MOST who have tried both will attest that they are not exact copies.

That and I'll take 2x12" over 1x12" everyday of the week...twice on sundays!

I tried a Peavey Ultra....did NOT like it one bit (could have gotten it for $300) The 6262 SMOKES it (at least to MY ears it does.)
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Used 5150 combo, 6505+ 112 or Vypyr Tube 60.
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the people that are arguing reliability are the ones who only heard about the first shipment then got scared off. plus, the rumors floating around are exaggerated anyway. reliability had improved since then.

i was in the same shoes as you before on the 6262 (thinking its a clone therefore not as good). but its not REALLY a clone. it sounds different, but in a good way. and has some features that the peavey doesnt have (read the specs if you're interested).

also, i didn't like the ultra as well. in fact, i might go as far as saying i hated it.

you could also look for something like a used mesa f series, or trem-o-verb, or a rectifier combo (forget its name - not the roadster). i forgot to mention these before!
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