is the vox vt15 a tube amp or not? no where is giving me a straight answer
no. its hybrid, but this one is more for show than sound...

think of it this way:

they took an otherwise digital amp, stuck in a single tube, and claimed its doing something for the tone. i honestly dont believe it is at all since i've heard the before and after of one having a tube change, and it was the same. the whole sound comes from the digital circuitry, so i dont see how the tube makes any difference.

basically, its a marketing ploy. they figured "hmmmm... people seem to like tubes. they see the word tube and automatically think its better. lets take our digital amp, and put a tube in it. people will think its better! they'll buy it"

they just got lucky its not a bad sounding amp (when it came out that is. now there's better in my opinion)
it's not. it's a hybrid amp. just has 1 tube. but just cause it's not full tube doesn't mean it's bad. it's pretty nice sounding.
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