m planning on building m own guitar and i have a few questions that i hope u guys can answer for me.

wut is a good wood for the body, i plan on playing mostly hard rock, price is not a problem at all

if im gonna get some pickups, im gonna do humbuckers, wuts a quality choice for hard rock styles?

any advice welcome, thanks
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Alder is a great wood for metal, EMGs 81/85

he said hard rock, not teh br00talz metal, so i'd say a darker wood like mahogany. for pickups, super distortions are nice.
for wood, read this:

for pickups, read this:

for your genres, look into: emg, seymore duncan, dimarzio, bareknuckle. find what you think is good, do a little research, and browse through the forums here.

post back when you think you've found a combination that you think you like!
im think mahogany body with seymour duncan sh-14 custom 5 at the bridge and shng1n pearly gates at the neck

what do u think?
Mahogany has a good beefy tone for hard rock, and a maple neck would give a good hard edge for lead/hard rock type stuff
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seems like a good combination to me. sh 14 are pretty hot pickups. with a mahogany body though, they may have too much of a bottom end though. i havent ever heard it in a mahogany guitar.

the pearly gates is a pretty tame pickup in my opinion. it wont really do hard rock. it came on some of the original les paul guitars.

have you taken a look at the sh5, sh5, jb, and jazz models? they might be a little more up your alley i think. sh14 is pretty good, and its a very hot pickup, but not so much in the way that it does that hard rock sound. its more meant to overdrive the amp/push it harder if i recall. i may be thinking of a different pickup, so if i am guys, somebody say otherwise. so if it is the case i'm thinking, then you'll be better off with a different pickup i think.
alright how bout the sh2n jazz model at the neck and the tb 12 at the bridge. im also thinking a rosewood fretboard