Hey, I am looking for a good pedal to help boost the distortion on my amp. I want to be able to put really light distortion on my amp and then be able to boost it into louder distortion, nothing too heavy or crunchy though. My amp is a jcm 900. Trying to keep my budget under $200, but feel free to throw ideas at me.

Would a boost pedal be a better idea than a distortion pedal in this situation?
I suggest an overdrive,
some to look at,

Catalinbread DLS
Fulltone OCD
Paul C Timmy
Ibanez TS9/TS808
Maxon OD808
Diamond J Drive Mk3

Good luck!
I absolutely love my BB Preamp for that sort of thing, definitely try one out.
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ts9 or if you have more money get a maxon
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Where do you live?

There are very, very many overdrive/distortion/boost pedals to choose from. Could you give us any more specifics?
Quote by AngryGoldfish
Where do you live?

There are very, very many overdrive/distortion/boost pedals to choose from. Could you give us any more specifics?

Well, I want to be able to, at first, adjust my settings on my amp to a good light/medium distortion, as if I would be playing lead guitar with a good mid-high range sound with the volume rolled down a bit and maybe some effects, then build up to loud distortion, which would be more rhythm guitar oriented. Hopefully I am not being too spectific

I play mostly post-hardcore and 90's influenced alternative, so i dont need anything for crunchy chug riffs, etc.

It would be nice if I could find something that could serve as decent boost/dist./overdrive pedal.

I've actually been thinking of getting an mxr or a maxon overdrive pedal. They both seem good for this kind of thing. Or maybe a tubescreamer would be a better idea?

AngryGoldfish: I live in the Northeastern United States.
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No, that's great. The more details, the easiest it will be for someone to find something specific for you.

The problem with the Maxon/Ibanez tubescreamer-type pedals, is their lack of gain. They are designed to push an amp into subtle overdrive, or to add slight compression and midrange. They aren't distortion pedals. I'd suggest one if you're already happy with your overdriven tone but want a little push for solos. Otherwise, stick to a distortion pedal.

These are the kind of pedals I'd suggest you look into for something versatile and touch senstive enough, with a nice mid-boost, for so many different dynamics:

Fulltone Fulldrive
It's a really old, classic pedal. Most Fulltone pedals I've played had more gain than I imagined. I like that about them. They're always a surprise.

Homebrew Electronics ParaDrive
I haven't played this one, but I trust Homebrew products, and the clips sound good.

Jetter GS3
Another one that I haven't played. I'd love to try one of these, though. Also I realise that the last pedals are out of your price range, but I thought I should suggest them anyway. It gives you a good idea of what is available, and what you have to compare to.

New T-Rex Mudhoney 2
The clip I heard today of this was fantastic. It sounds amazing. Pricey, again. But that's the compromise of having a boost AND overdrive in one pedal.

Xotic BB Plus
I've played the standard, non-boost version and it's one of the best overdrive pedals around. It's more compressed and bassy than most, but it makes for such a smooth and warm tone.

Homebrew Big D
Another Homebrew that looks and sounds good from the clips. More distortion, seemingly.

ZVex Box of Rock Distortion
A classic. Some HATE ZVex pedals, but I think it's the price that puts most people off.

Diamond J Drive
This one is pretty good. I prefer Diamond's other type of pedals, but this was has what you want.

Lovepedal Kalamazoo
This is a fantastic OD pedal. Lots of gain, lots of versatility, lots of touch sensitive stuffiness.

Catalinbread DLS
This is like the Lovepedal above. It has a great, simple tone, and is very diverse for something so small and cheap.

Visual Sound Dr. Jekyll and Hyde
A lot of people don't really like this one, but I love it, especially for the price.

These Wampler pedals are awesome.

You might also be interested in a RAT-like distortion. Something like this. It has a very distinctive character to the distortion, so I'd suggest looking into them first.
well there are boosts, drives, and distortion pedals. all are different. some can be tweaked to do them all, but they all work best at thier intended porpose.

you can take a boss distortion pedal (or any) and by tweaking the pedals try to turn it into a clean boost. but it will never be as good as a boost pedal.

not will any boost sound like a tubescreamer.

if you want a dirtier distortion i recommend a good distortion pedal. if you need a boost i recommend a clean boost pedal, EQ pedal with independant volume, or something like a mxr micro amp or EH LPB 1