**** YES lol! Although I never commented on any other cheese of yours, I have listened to them all and I love them, it's like cheesy wank ejaculating into my ear drums! And this one is no exception, is really ****ing amazing .
So here it goes
The intro os pretty well done: the exquisite chords in the intro going into absolute tremollo picking mayhem when the drums accelerate into a blast beat, and with great bass riffing complementing it. This was one of the things I imediately noticed: the bass is always doing some interesting and technique riffing and not following the guitars, giving the song a kind of controlled cheesy wank felling with all the instruments wanking in different directions . After the great intro, comes some amazing harmonic minor wank riffing ith the drums blasting the **** out of everything. Then the first solo, ****ing amazing, I think I jizzed like during all of it. Then some more harmonized blasty blastity wank. Then slam with cheesy wank on the middle, so ****ing nice. Then some chordy wank with some really nice bass riffing. Then a break and some nice melodic wankity. Then all the instruments enter and harmonize. Switch to some chord riffing, really nice, it makes me want to wank. Then it repeats a previous riff, doesn't sound tiring. Second solo, really ****ing awesome, but it is too short, like a guy with premature ejaculation. Then repetition of another riff, with diferent harmonization. Reintro, really nice rewank. And the wank ends with a full power chord, a really nice end for a really nice cheesy wank section. 10 cheesy wanks out of 10.

EDIT: Mispelled jizzed lol
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