Couldn't find a thread on these guys...pretty sweet band, I'm addicted to How It Goes at the moment.

I found these guys after discovering they're on SideOneDummy, the same label as Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band (whom blew my mind on Warped last week.)
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Have you read their what I think is their most recent interview? They said some brief words about their next album that it will be "going to be really fast, loud; I don’t think there’s going to be any slower songs on it. It’s going to be really balls to the wall."

That made me excited, Fluent In Stroll didn't quite do it for me. And the name of the album is "the Damned, The Dumb and the Delirious."

Interview is here if anyone wants to read it
https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=644718 No apostrophe. Plus that thread is sort of really really old.

But I like 'em. I like obnoxious singing and fun live shows so they are just my cup o' tea.
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one of my favourite bands. Apparently they recorded, mixed and produced a lot of their own stuff, which i think is pretty cool. i cant quite recall which albums they did themselves tho
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LAX was my jam when I was 13.

They were one of the few ska-punk/whatever bands I liked once upon a time (I've never had any interest in the genre, and I really can't stand it now), and that was my favorite by them too.

I just went back and listened to it and definitely didn't like it. I mean, I pretty much dislike ska-punk all around now. Big D and the one other band I liked, I've out grown, so I don't know if I'm qualified to comment on their music so take that with a grain of salt, but I will say that I wrote lyrics of that quality when I was about 14. Some of it just sounded so affected and whiny.

Eh. I kind of wish I hadn't listened so I could have fonder memories, haha.
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LAX, whilst being a great song, musically, is pretty childish and immature really. I've heard they wont play it live any more

I could definitely feel that way if I was them. I won't deny it's a catchy song, even if I don't dig the genre, but it's a little hard to listen to simply cause of the lyrics. But I think I do put more emphasis on lyrics than perhaps the average listener.

Also, I was just about to edit my post and apologize for sounding like such a dick. I didn't mean to come off so rude (if I did). I'm sick and just woke up, so a little foggy, inarticulate. Sorry guyz. I'm just saying I don't dig the ska-punk, but wanted to throw an opinion out there anyways.
I was unsure about their new album when it came out, but now it's my favourite of them all. Concerning LAX, I think it's meant to be a pretty ridiculous song, and they played it live when I saw them support rbf.
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LAX is so bad.

Actually the only song of theirs that I can still listen to anymore is "Shine On" or "Shining On" or whatever it's called. It's the one where he left his favorite hat at the club last night.

But I don't really like ska at all anymore, so I'm not sure how much you all should value my opinion.

Actually that's not true. I heard a Specials song recently and thought it was pretty neat.
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Good Luck will always be the best album by them. Ska band with two guitars, wut?
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LAX is so bad.

I like that album but my opinion on that song will always be that its too long. As a New Englander I appreciate the message but it could be a quick punk rock song if it didn't drag on with that same riff.
I love Big D and the Kids Table, "G.L.D." is my favorite song by them.

The lyrics in most of their songs are cheesy, but who cares?
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BIG D are great! except i didn't think much of fluent in scroll and I prefer how it goes and good luck, although strictly rude had it its moments.
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