Its good but the dude with the red strat needs to use his neck single coil and turn down the gain, the actual track was layed on a neck humbucker with not much overdrive, i have a strat with a neck-singlcoil and it sounds great for sweet child if tiurn down the gain.

Dude with RR v, i can't hear your chords, you need to clean up your sounds somehow, you'd probably be better swapping guitar , cause he could use your neck humbucker, and you could use his neck singlw coil for you clean chords.
Holy Creeping God! If Slush were still alive he would give show you no quater.
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Holy Creeping God! If Slush were still alive he would give show you no quater.

lol what?
Haha, i love the glasses! You look like you mean business!

No complaints regarding the playing - although i would invest in some better recording equipment, as there seems to be a bad hiss in the background distracting me. Also, move around a bit more!
Seems pretty simple for you both, so well done - look cool, and can play it!

Keep it up!

lead had too much distortion
way too much distortion
rhythm was really good but you need to get the two volumes the same
but the actual playing itself was very good!
Slightly out of tune and the guy on the left had terrible tone, I know you have to turn up the gain to compensate for the single coils but still... You should deffo invest in some new pups, I put Seymour Duncan Hot rails and Cool Rails in mine and it sounds sweet! The playing was good though!

C4C my beast and the harlot cover? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5mJ8i4Odvs