Hey all, I have a Jackson RR24 which I love but it looks very aggressive and metal which doesn't fit the style of music I play (hard rock).
So I was just wondering what guitars you know of/play/like that have 24 frets and a tremolo arm but don't only suit metal/alienate an audience.
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ibanez js2400

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I'd say, any higher end RG/RGA/S/JS Ibanez guitar.
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Ibanez S series, moreso than the RG. I think the RG would be a bit too pointy. The S series guitars are rounder and a good amount have wood finishes. Also play really nice.
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thats a custom 22. count the frets

but a custom 24 would be my rec. or a ce24, with the bolt on neck.
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Carvin ST300

I'm ashamed to admit I am biased since I own one, but I do have to say theyre wonderful guitars for the money you can get one for. Neck profile is between a USA Strat and a Jackson USA.


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Ibanez S guitars.

look at the one on my profile and tell me that isnt a sexy guitar...

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Any superstrat will do. Take your pick of company. Ibanez, ESP/LTD, Caparison, Jackson, etc
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If you love it, then just get it and stop being a pussy so worried about image. I've been to local shows where death metal bands were playing with strats, and atmospheric rock bands were playing with Jacksons. Man the **** up and get what feels good to you, not what looks good for "your genre".
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ibanez js2400

same though!!!

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...pretty much anything considered "metal" now. I have a hard time finding good metal-looking guitars, honestly, everyone makes damn Strats now. >_>
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