And you write the chapters blah blah blah.

But if you got to choose which Writer, poet etc.. that you wanted to write it. Who would you pick?

Or if you think Life is like a blank canvas then which artist?
Or if you think it's a song then who'd you want?

This is probably going to "fail hard" but meh.

I searched and whatnot.

Book - Junji Ito, Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde
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Jackson Pollock.
Book - Kurt Vonnegut
Canvas - Van Gogh (despite the fact that I leave with an art professor, I don't know shit about art, so I went with the generic option without saying Picasso)
Song - Tom Waits or Bob Dylan

Also, could I have Rorshach narrate my life? That would be cool.
Book - Hunter S Thompson, mainly cause he would be brutally honest.
Art - Salvador Dali, because he's fantastic.
Song - This one's hard. Tom Waits or Josh Homme come to mind. Maybe Dylan to.
Ian McEwan could write my life for me, a wonderfully composed, nasty borgeouis pschosexual little tale.

I'd like Turner or Gericault to paint it.

On second thoughts, maybe Evelyn Waugh could write my life, although he'd be really cruel.
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Life is like a...

Book.----Terry Pratchett
Blank Canvas.----John Singer Sargent

And just for the hell of it...
Box of Chocolates.----Lindt Chocolate Truffles.
I should get Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to write the book of my life.
Literary trolling ftw.
Your all wrong because my mamma told me that life was like a box of chocolates!
What a long strange trip it's been

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James Joyce.
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Also, could I have Rorshach narrate my life? That would be cool.

Yes, I want this too.
Anyone but Charles Bukowski or Tom Waits. Jesus, we'd all be suicidal. Not sure who I'd choose as an author... as an artist I think I'd agree with whoever mentioned Pollock, shit would be trippy. Musically, I'd probably choose a Romantic or Modernist composer. Maybe Shostakovich.
Hunter S. Thompson. Time for the surreal.
If 4 more people tell me to go back to writing The Vanishing Point, I will.

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