It's in my profile (stop the youtube vid first, I don't know how to stop it playing automatically). I wanted to make something that's easy to listen to, kind of ambience but at the same time quite interesting. Any input would be great and c4c as usual.

(recorded with a boss micro br), so naturally, it limits your layer options.
I just woke up a few minutes ago, and this was a very pleasant piece of music to do so!! I actually got some goosebumps listening to this - nice! Your guitar playing is good! The intro guitar sounds good, but on certain chords there is some unwanted distortion (not sure if it's clipping or what). I probably would have faded out the song more slowly & had no sound before you hit that very last chord. Otherwise, this is a very nice song! Please review my music at this link:

Tomaz this is GREAT. I love the tone of all/both of the guitars in this song. I could totally see this song being used in a skate video or a ski video or something. It just has this great peaceful/hopeful feeling to it. I LOVE the little bits of percussion you do in it, that really gives it a lot of character and even though it's a little thing, i feel like it makes the song a LOT better. Great job!

Here's my song, crit me back please

Reviewing as I listen.

Very nice guitar work there in the beginning. I like the way you stop and start the guitar on the right, definitely adds in some accents. You start tapping your foot to them . The slightly distorted solo-ish guitar was definitely a good addition. Also the small "hand percussion" sort of stuff was interesting, I always want to get percussion into my songs but I never know how. Your use of them definitely adds a cool chilled out driving down the highway sort of feel to me. I really enjoyed this a lot.

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