Well, it's certainly not a Gibson. And I don't see a manufacturer's name, so there's no way to tell if it is any good. But it isn't so expensive that it is a major risk.

Personally, I would save my money and get an Epiphone SG and a Gibson later on when I could afford it.
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epiphones and gibsons arent available here in the philippines

i have to look for second hand ones
for less than £100 you can't go wrong. if it does turn out to be substandard then you could always use it as a project later on down the line!
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it`s not even made by gibson or epiphone.
it`s either a fake or a copy.

i`m sure that headstock inlay is found on yamaha`s
That thing is so fake.

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That thing is so fake.
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Blatantly fake. Remember, with cheap guitars, you generally get what you pay for.
rock0n247 did not ask if it was a Gibson. He asked if it was worth testing.

It's an inexpensive guitar; however, it has a set neck. It's probably from China or Indonesia; so, it could be good or blah. As you initially suspected, it must be auditioned. I'd take a chance and test it.

Usually, fixing the action, fret polishing, replacing cheap electronics are very easy and inexpensive. Good Luck! Wag mong pansinin ang mga unggoy dito.