is wheels by the foo fighters a good song to cover?

my band has 2 guitarists, a bassist, a drummer and a singer
we are an alternative rock band is this a good song to cover?
we are also thinking of covering dani california - RHCP

so yeh would they be good to cover?
I dunno, you tell me. Then you have your answer.
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Screw those songs. Do In My Solitude By Billie Holiday.
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those are great songs, you should try, see if it works with your band, it depends on the band, in case your wondering, thats why foo fighters wrote wheels and not other band, and why rhcp wrote dani california, because it works for them
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Why don't you just cover "Mary Jane's Last Dance" instead? I mean, they're basically the same song, but "Dani California" has shitty lyrics and a shamelessly Hendrixian solo.
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Cover this instead:

But if you want to cover it then yes it is a good song to cover.

Though like the above user said, cover Mary Janes Last dance, that songs awesome

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Do you like the song? The answer to this question is the answer to whether you should cover it or not.
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No, everyone will think you're a cunt if you cover it.
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If you and your band all like the song and agree to do it... then yes, cover it/them. Kind of a silly question to ask the Internet, to be honest. Only you know if it is good for your band or not. But while we're on the subject...

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