Hi guys,

I'm looking at buying a Line 6 POD X3 Live soon, which I'll use to play guitar and bass through, but mostly guitar. A lot of the time I'll probably be using headphones, but at times I'll wanna play through an amp.

So, is there ONE amp I can buy which I could run it through for guitar AND bass? Preferably under about £300? Any suggestions welcome
Maybe look into the Atomic Amplifier.

NM, it's probably out of your price range, but a good long term goal perhaps.
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Look at the Tech 21 Power engines. The 30 is a little over your budget but its worth saving for a little while longer. Guitar amps color the sound to much. I my self had a POD XT with the Atomic amp and it work nice, but its way over your budget and wouldn't be worth it for just a POD.
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Thanks for the replies, I have looked at the Tech21 Power Engines, but they are a bit out of my budget, though I have thought about saving a bit longer for one. Would it handle the bass guitar as well?

Are there any keyboard amps you could recommend?


I've found this one?

If it has a guitar specific speaker in it and you intend to run the bass through it clean no it wont work at all. If your running it with bass at high gain so you loose alot of the low freqs yes it will be ok otherwise it will blow up(not blow up but tear the speaker).
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