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I have some questions about getting good tone from POD Farm 2. I currently use the DAW's - FL Studio Pro 5 or Acoustica Mixcraft. I use POD Farm as in its Plug-In form on these and monitor through this. There is 12ms lag or something, but i dont mind that too much, its not huge. Is there any way to reduce this though? Without losing sound quality?
Also, we all know about the POD Farm fizz, but are there any free VST Plug-Ins that i could download to remove this, as i have had no luck so far.
Finally, would better headphones give me less fizz and an overall better sound quality?
Thanks all

EDIT: Also, are there any better DAW's for this? Preferably free
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I'm using podfarm with my line 6 pod. I can reduce the latency by going to the asio driver and making the buffer smaller.

you may be able to do this as well depending on what hardware you're using.

Fizz is just something you have to dial out with your settings (not too hard, use less gain, less treble, presence, try different mic and cab model combinations). getting more plugins to remove hiss, fizz, and filter other things generally just leave you with a fuzzy, muffled sound.

Its better to just get a good sound at the source, rather than having 10 different plugins to fix a tone you don't like.

Headphones wouldn't fix that either. Even if you happened to stop hearing the fizz without a specific set of headphones, it would come back as soon as you switched to different speakers.

EDIT: sorry missed the last question. If by DAW, you mean the recording program, Reaper is a great free to use, cheap to license, recording program.

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Check out the Reaper DAW. AMAZING
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