Well I had to take my Randall V2 in for service I was unable to get the hum out of any of the channels.

So I went to the service center near me from the list Randall sent me.
And as soon as the Tech ran the ser. # guess what this same amp was just in there and sent back to Randall for the same thing a hum on all channels.

Tech said the transformer was bad. So I contact Randall and ask them what is going on do they even fix their amps anymore.

I get an email back saying there must have been a mistake in shipping.
So I take the amp back to Sam Ash and tell them what I had found out, manger of Sam Ash asked if I wanted to get a new one.

I told him well wasn’t this a new amp I was told when I got this amp it was brand new just a floor model.

So he checks come to find out this amp has been sold twice now as new but sent back to Randall for the same thing bad transformer and Randall just resent it back out with even fixing it.

I got my money back but still pissed off I cannot blame Sam Ash but Randall come on.
You make a killer amp like the V2 and put a cheap P.O.S transformer in there.

I really loved the sound of the V2 but the QC is not there.

So on my way home I was thinking of what amp to get I make a stop at Guitar Center they really did not have too much to pick from they had a used Peavey 6505 head for $749.99 a used Krank jr20 for $449.99.

I was going to get the used Peavey 6505 but wanted to check out the tent sale the music store near me was having and I am glad I did they was having a killer sale this weeken I got a new Peavey 6505 120watt head for $675.00.

I was going to get the matching 4x12 cab for $350.00 but someone else beat me to it.

Rant over.
At least you got a cool new amp for a good price out of it! That does suck man, but i'm sure Randall don't know they have a dodgy employee(s). It's a shame that shit like this can sour an otherwise good company.