Hey there im a new member but have been using Ultimate Guitar for chords and tabs for years now

I have decided to join and have written chords to a song... and it hasent been added to the archive yet....


i can access it there but when i search for it it doesn't come up :S

Can anyone tell me why

Sorry if this is the wrong section but i didn't know where else to put this question... :/

Kind Regards,
Hey, and welcome to UG!

From what I know, all tabs need to be approved before they are added to the archive. Yours seems to be in the approval que.

You can probably imagine that there are a LOT of tabs submitted every day. Give it a few days, and it will be either accepted or denied.

Fox-x-x is UG's tab Admin, and aig91 is UG's tab Mod.

These are the people that accept / deny tabs. If you have any problems, then PM one of them, or post in this thread.

Cheers, MH
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oh ok Thanks Guys

What do you think to my first tab ? any good?

Any tips for my next tab?
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Don't celebrate just yet. It looks to me like it's still in the TPA. Go to to My Contributions and click "Tabs". You'll see a list of the tabs you uploaded. Next to this one, I believe you'll see a "W". This indicates that it's waiting for approval. That will eventually change to an "A" (approved) or a "D" (denied).

If your tab gets approved, you're all set. If it gets denied, read the first post of this thread: WTF? Where is my tab?!?! It explains the common reasons why tabs are rejected.

You might want to read that anyway, to prevent making any of those mistakes on tabs you make in the future.

Good luck and happy tabbing.
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