Here is my cover of The Gaslight Anthem´s American Slang. Both singing and guitar was made in one take with a small 14" "kustom" amp. So please write some words to it (you also can write directly at youtube) and leave me a link for your stuff so I can crit some.

American Slang cover

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Well first off great taste in music thats an awesome song, the guitar was good really solid playing. Vocally it was on key but honestly I wasn't really liking it I think you should just try to sing more naturally. It sounded like you were forcing your voice to sound a certain way and it doing so it took away from it. I think if you just sang completely naturally you would sound alot better. I hope you take that constructively and not as an attack on your song because thats not at all what I'm trying to do.

Let me know what you think about mine.

@Osiris77: Thanks and you are right I also thought that especially in the beginnning it sounded a little weird.
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