Hey UG,

I've been gassing for years for a decent Ibanez RG in a plain blue colour ( ever since I started playing guitar actually), and I finally got one.

Let's start of with the pictures, and I'll write down the review after that.
Lovely headstock, already changing the string ( 9-42 doesn't cut it for me ^^)

surprisingly great pickups

lovely dark rosewood ( it was very dry when I first got it, needed some feeding)

the edge pro , yes it's a 2009 model

Here it is, the 2009 Ibanez Prestige RG1520a!

love these prestige necks
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HNGD! I know what you mean about the prestige necks - they're gorgeous.

You've also reminded me I need to clean/feed my fretboards at some point.
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HNGD! Those walnut stripes look purdy.
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And a family picture (still refinishing the RG548)

when I first played it in the store I wasn't really impressed with the guitar. The rosewood was very dry and the strings were already feeling old and were way too light for my picking style.

Still, it's a prestige, so the neck played awesome, very smooth, great satin finish on the back, less sticky then my RGA121.
Also ,the IBZ/DIMARZIO pickups sound great, even when playing thru a randall combo, which isn't really my kind of sound.

So when I got home, I fed the fretboard with some lemon oil, put on some 10-52 strings, adjusted the bridge and done!
Now it plays like a dream, just as good as my RGA121, but it has a more defined sound.

I might put a youtube clip online.
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HNGD. Whats the difference between a normal ibby, and a prestige model btw?
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Ive always been a fan of blues guitars and thats no exception.

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HNGD. Whats the difference between a normal ibby, and a prestige model btw?

Prestige models are made at the Fujigen Plant in Japan, normal ones Korea or Indonesia.

Japanese Ibanez models have higher quality parts ( such as the real wizard necks and edge/edgepro/edgezero bridges), and the quality control is much higher.

Indonesian RG's aren't bad persee ( I had a RGR08LTD not so long ago), but they really can't compete with the japanese models when it comes to build quality and comfort.
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HNGD Are you building a Warmoth there too?

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Nice i've had a rg prestige in my time but ended up selling it because i prefer my older pre prestige rgs mainly the volute i couldnt get used to it on an ibanez. I'm weird like that. They're still nice guitars though and this one looks cool. The cases are sexual as well.
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HNGD Are you building a Warmoth there too?

no no , that's the original RG548 body I'm sanding down, I used to have a yellowish clear coat ( which can still be seen in the trem cavity, which totally ruined the nice ash wood for me, so now I'm refinishing it with tung oil.
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very nice guitar,too bad most awesome ibbys are limited editions which are exclusive on for sale in japan
Lately I am i love with prestige since I bought my 1570. Nice guitar, though I dont like the plain blue colour.. HNGD
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thx everyone

@metalter : yeah, I used to have a RG1570, I loved everything about it except the middle pickup and the colour, but the built quality was amazing. That's why I bought this RG1520, it fixed the things I didn't like about the RG1570 ^^
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Threads like these make me miss my Ibby.

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HNGD!!! I have the same guitar but in the Poisoned Pumpkin color. Great guitar.

I applied fret doctor to the fretboard, lowered the bridge and swapped the pups to DiMarzio AT-1 and Air Norton. Now it's a monster.