Im browsing through USB interfaces to record with, so im not sure which one to get. I've narrowed them down to these 3

NI Audio Kontrol 1
also comes with Guitar Rig 4, hmm
M Audio Fast Track Pro
seems like the most features
Line 6 UX2
i am leaning towards the first 2, as i would like the MIDI option, but the 2 xlr and 1/2 turn me onto the line 6.

What i was looking for was 2 inputs (simultaneous) MIDI I/O, good sound quality, and near 0 latency.
Any reviews or tips on these would be wonderfull.
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I've heard good things about the Fast Track. Sounds like that may be what you want.

However, if you want "near 0 latency", you might have a problem with a lot of USB interfaces. USB sends data from your interface to your computer as "burst data" chunks at a time. "Firewire" sends the data as "Streaming data" meaning there really is pretty much 0 latency.

By the way, sorry if you knew this. :p
No, it's all new to me. USB still works though, this is just to record my guitar/midi keyboard an maybe get a few songs down. I'm not expecting studio quality, but something listenable.

Ps what exactly is latency? Is it like a delay from the data getting to the computer?
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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Latency is a term sort of used interchangeably with delay, though it's not exactly a fair comparison. If you want a textbook term, latency is defined as the "measure of time delay experienced in a system". So, however long it takes from when you hit the note on your guitar to get through the cable, interface, and into your recording program, THAT is latency.

This brings me back to the "USB vs. Firewire" thing. Firewire will have significantly less latency than USB 2.0, but as you said, the difference isn't THAT major. Since I'm an Audio Engi/Tech student, I'll be getting a firewire interface once I get the funds together, because I need the quality to be the best I can get it. A grand majority of the equipment at my school is powered by Firewire. But I realize it's not an option for everyone. The USB powered interfaces will certainly get the job done.
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What's your budget? A lower end firwire might be a better choice. Stay away from m audio.
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why do you need the midi so bad? if you dont already have a controller, you probably wont ever need it as most controllers are USB these days and act as a MIDI interface.

i'll put in my vote on the UX2. it gives you the guitar sounds and a quality interface. i personally trust Line 6 over M audio any day, and it gives you more input options than the NI
Budget is 200ish, but you can find them cheaper on procebat.ca
MIDI is for the purchase after this, a keyboard with midi I/0. I guess it's just to avoid having to buy a midi to USB converter.

The guitar camp I just went to had the line 6, but I'm not sure now. It seems like it has the most bang for the buck, even if I don't use pod farm and just use Abletons or garagebands (sisters Mac) effects after.
Edit: so 2 vote against m audio, 1 vote for, and 1 vote for the line 6. I guess I'll just forget about the Kontrol 1.

Soo, line 6 or m audio? Line 6 does give me software and near 0 latency/more inputs. What do you guys think?
Ps my computer doesn't have FireWire, I rally don't want another hassle added to this

Ps I don't have a FireWire in my computer
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Too easy dude problem solved, spend a little more, get the Line 6 and get one of the M-Audio keystations, they use USB as well and itll give you the MIDI capability you are lookin for
I have a 200 budget. Midi isn't that high of a need. I'll just get a midi's to USB converter for 3$ off of eBay when it comes around
Just call me Julius, J, etc.
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