Ok, so I decided to try and learn Scarified and I just need some clarification.

1) Should I alternate or economy pick these runs in the song intro?:



2)How should I learn this song. Should I just practice the intro until I nail it and then nail the next part, practice every single part a bit (which I would think it would take longer), or should I do something else
I tend to use a bit of both methods when practicing a song. Practice a bit of all parts, but focussing most on 1 part at a time.
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When I play the first fun in the song I use legato and the second one I alternate pick it. Also the tab for the first run is wrong its 5-7-10 on both E and A strings
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I would alternate pick it.
Also I would learn each part until I nail it, and then try making it run fluently into the next phrase, until I nail that, and so on so forth.

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oh yea and for the intro do I pick everything here or do some hammer-ons

my teacher gave me the tabs for this out of a book and it shows where to pick up and where to pick down.... its all alternate picking