I recently bought two vintage mics, a monarch tm-18 and a midland 22-211. They look great and I've heard good things about them, but they have a 4-pin output as shown in the picture. Does anyone know where I can get an adapter (or how to make my own) so that they're compatible with the standard 3-pin microphone cables?


The Xlr looks a little like this, except the prongs are solid.


I'd need a cable like this except with the 4-pin end female.


Can anyone help me?
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I highly doubt you can use an adapter cable with these mics.

I'm no vintage mic expert but the only time I've seen 4+ pins on a mic is when they were stereo mics
or multi-pattern mics which connect to external switcher boxes that also sometimes supply power to the mics.

The thing with Vintage mics is they are hard to find any info on around the net.
You may want to try the Studio-Central forums as there are some pros there that may be able to fill you in on the older mics.