Ok so I'm going to a fancy dress themed birthday weekend in a couple of weeks and the theme is superheros BUT it can't be an existing superhero, it has to be one you've made up.

So far I've come up with "The Wingman" - obvious, and "Alloy Vera" the transvestite robot. I think they both lack that je ne sais quoi.

So, in a move I'm sure I'll regret later, I put this over to you, The Pit, what are your awesome suggestions for superheros/villains. Costume ideas would also be welcome.
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well there are only three true people alive today who are actually possesed by satan

Dakota Fanning, the kfc general dude, and my neighbor and all of them dont have much musical ability
Sausageman, the Tyrolese sausage-manipulator who controls electrons' spin and can create electromagnetic pancakes.
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Just go as Hugh gee instead.
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He can make flowers piss themselves with just the touch of his hand!

And buy a load of novelty flowers. Sorted
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Super Gay Man!

He wears only a thong and will dry hump the Evil Male Villians!

Female Villians are a Job for Super Lesbo Woman!

Together they make the Queer Here Squad
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Opposite Guy.

Whatever you do to him, the opposite happens. Like if you eat fast food you get healthier, you jump off a building and get stronger, etc.

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Sense of Decorum man. You just don't get enough of that in superheroes, Batman or Daredevil or Rorschach never give the families of the Joker/Bullseye/dog that got put down's victims time to grieve. Also your costume would not be tight and revealing, but would be much more appropriate for polite company.
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Autoerotic Asphyxiation Man. for the costume, you just wear the superhero costume of your choice with a plastic bag over your head.
I once got bored and made a superhero comic. The arch-villain was The Man. He looked like an executive/politician type. His powers were raising taxes, making ridiculous laws, and otherwise oppressing everything.... except he did it with superpowers, not paper and popular votes.

There was a faction of good superheroes, featuring The Anarchist... essentially a domestic terrorist with super speed and strength. And Marxman; essentially a marxist with a badass sniper rifle.
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I have a scientologist super hero named Thetan Man. Who is a high school science teacher by day.
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wrap yourself in gold foil, and drink goldstrike until you become: COMA MAN!
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thats pretty epic actually.

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Glory Hole Boy!

All you need for a costume is a 7'x3.5' bit of plywood with a strategically places hole cut in it.
You could maybe paint it in bright colours and add glitter to attract the ladies.
Refer to this video.

I personally recommend homeless man.

EDIT: Homeless man is in part 2 if I remember correctly.

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Some of these ideas are just genius! Keep 'em coming!

I'm thinking Alloy Vera or Seizure man at the moment
Originally Posted by ihavnofingrprnt
well there are only three true people alive today who are actually possesed by satan

Dakota Fanning, the kfc general dude, and my neighbor and all of them dont have much musical ability
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Public Masturbation Man!

I'm gonna have to second this
Puberty Boy
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