So I'm thinking about buying a guitar that would perform well for metal and I came across these two guitars the sl3mg soloist and the kv5fr. Both of these guitars have 24 frets and are neck-thrus. The only major difference (besides the bodies) are that the soloist has emg 81/85 And the king v has seymour Duncan jb and jazz pickups in your opinion which guitar would perform better for playing heavy metal?

Well, some of my favorite bands include: Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. I will be using a Peavey Vypyr as my amp
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What kind of bands are you into? heavy metal is (at least to me) a very broad genre. Also, what amp are you using?
Me and my girlfriend were in a guitar store one day.

My GF- What's the difference between Gibson and Epiphone?

Me- (Explains)

GF- So Epiphone is like Gibson's slutty little sister?

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