Hey, this is a rough draft of one of the first songs i've ever written, still not finished but i just want to know if this is worth using, would love to hear an opnion on it

Can you hear the drums as they go marching off to war?
What a shame they've all forgotten what they were fighting for
With all this death tell me when will you find?
That an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

Can you hear the sound of people dying in the street?
And hear the cries of all the lives crushed by marching feet
Tell me what have you've achieved today
30 innocent lives in an instant blown away

So name your cost, a father, mother, daughter, son
With so many lost tell me who has won
We can't go on with this hatred in our hearts
You can't bring people together by blowing them apart

i'm not sure whether that last bit is a verse or if i should use it as a chorus.

so what do you think?