Hey guys i jsut want to know how can i paint guitar.

İ mena few symbols and words over it.

What kind of paint i must use and how.

i just wanted to know

also there is risk i can make my guitars finish sh-t ? (i mean cracks over it or symbols paint going to melt and look like sh*t)
There's an Ultimate Painting/Refinishing thread on this forum that has pretty much everything you need to know about painting.

You can use everything from krylon (not recommended) spray paint to nitrocellulose and airbrushing.

Make sure you practice a couple times on a blank piece before doing your guitar unless you are already experienced in painting. Get the feel of the spray gun/can before you do any permanent painting.
Ohh thnax im going to check

my friend is going to make it. she is a tatoo maker (spelling?)

and she is very good abouth drawing things (?)