Hi guys, this may be a strange request - it's got nothing to do with the guitar tone though!

Overview: I require a compressor pedal with the most amount of compression on the market. I'm not a guitar/pedal guy so if anyone has any ideas for any brands I'm willing to test them out.

Mission: I am running a wind instrument through a bass synthesizer but I am constantly having issues with volume consistency and feedback which severely affects the output. For small gigs and practice it's allright but in loud, full rock situations with the volume turned up it gets annoying and noisy. I require a pedal that will compress my sound to the maximum without regard to volume or dynamics, almost binary (on/off) in that sense where the volume will be controlled by a separate volume pedal. This is also an issue as I am trying to convert it to a MIDI controller where accurate triggering is necessary.

Solution: Any ideas?
Would a noise gate work if it had a high threshold? How about a limiter?
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I have an old crate limiter which does that with ease and dosen't detract from tone and is almost transpparent, unless you don't want it to be. You can get it off me if you want I don't use it.
You probably want to use rack gear, not a pedal to get your desired result. Pedals are designed with a guitar player in mind, and don't perform all that well outside their normal "range." Studio/rack gear is more sound production oriented and actually focuses on equalizing volumes (not tone).

Just my $0.02
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Sounds like you want a brickwall limiter.
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Looks like I asked at the right place haha. Rack equipment would be ideal but I have enough to lug around at the moment. This is what I mean;


I'm running my clarinet through a ZOOM 2.1B synth pedal and get this sort of sound. The only reason you can hear it in the video is due to a massive amount of compression/limiting we placed on it during mixing. Live is an issue... I'll check out the Carl Martin compressor but it seems pricey. Any price estimate?

I don't think a noise gate would work because some tones come out loud and full while others are thin and weak. I assume a compressor will do the job before going to the synth pedal to even and balance the tone - of course, I could be wrong and spend a whole bomb on equipment that doesn't work the way I want so there. Figured it would be a good idea to ask around beforehand...
iv got a tc nova dynamics its a twin compressor and noise gate pedal and u can run 2 compressors at ones and compress the shit outa the sound lol