Somehow I like it. I was a bit confused in the beginning because of the abrupt change of the keys from chord to chord. Sounds a bit synthetic to me.

The rest of the song reminds me a lot of angels and airwaves (or what they are called). I like it, I like the autotune on your vocals. They fit quite well in this song.

I'd give it 4,5/5 stars.

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Thanks for the comments, I see what you mean about Angels and Airwaves, it's probably the pads and reverb.

I'll check out your song now
Nice song, got that chilled out vibe about it. The auto-tune vocals aren't really to my taste, but nevertheless work really well. I think the acoustic guitar should be a bit more prominent in the mix though, even if the increase is only very slight.
I do really like the subtlety of the bass though, its nice and smooth, but fills out the sound perfectly.
Lyrics are a bit so-so, not amazing, but certainly not bad.

Overall, I reckon this song is pretty awesome. Plenty of potential, can't wait to hear what you come up with next.
Thanks for that

The lyrics are my weakest point as I pretty much just sung them out loud to write them rather than actually putting time into thinking about it.

I'm working on more music to record soon

Thanks again!
I think you could have used slightly different voicings for the pad chords to make it flow better, the beginning feels a bit "jumpy", and the pads that enter at about 1:10 definitely needs a low cut. The autotune effect gets a bit annoying after a while, I think it would have been better if it had been used a little more selectively. It's a nice tune though and I second the Angels and Airwaves influence.
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