Made this for my band who are bipolar about the genre we want to be soo far. We're aiming towards a more melodic and popish hardcore. Please critique on what has been made so far, though it's not quite finished. It's also my first attempt at tabbing so go easy.
If you have any ideas on how to continue it, let me know as well. Track ends at 2:10

Will C4C of course.
hxc ideaz3.mid
okay - instrument wise it is VERY GOOD! however, it did grow boring after 1 and a 1/2 minutes, maybe that's just me? Maybe you could add a bit more guitar? the only thing i can say is it's better than what i could have done
I'm still stuck trying to tie that part to the heavier string part that ends it.
Do you think that a vocal melody on top of the part you said it got boring could liven it up a little bit? I'm thinking sort of what Ice Nine Kills' vocalist did with falcettos and what not for Proximinty Mines in the Complex when it slows down.