I hate it when Guitar companies do this.

I honestly can't find any other changes on top of yours, apart from SRT has a scooped back. -.-
I also noticed that two of the SRA's have 5 Knobs and not 4...

P.S. I am downloading your avatar as I am posting this.
The sra's are cheaper.
Cheaper hardware, in comparison to the SRT.

How is that not obvious
Also i think the sra's might be bolt-on. I don't know.
Dammit, How did we miss that? Ones like HALF the other. :/

Also, Different woods on the bodies, different finishes, inlays, cases and bridges.

In fact, what's the same?

Style and Neck Material?
Thats what i was thinking especially with the carved backs.
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Well all of the SR's are bolt on and the SRT's are through neck so other than pups there's your major change.

With the SRA's it just gives you an EMG option over the Bartolini's found in the SR's