I know i suck i am trying to learn The forbidden zone by the Misfits. I have to play on the A and D string but i always touch the top E string when i should not. Since that misfits is fast too it does not help.

I know it's a bigginer thing to touch string that you don't want to play. I am trying to tilt my pick a little so it won't touch the other string. Do you have something that could help me ?

Is there techniques needed to play misfits like alternate picking or tremelo picking ?

Misfits should be power chords but i notice in my tabs that they always play 2 notes so i guess they remove one notes of the power chords without affecting the sound.
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Play really slowly but still using the motions you would when playing fast so you can analyse what your doing wrong. I think that I mute the low E with my thumb, but aren't sure without checking.
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slow down and practice cleanly. don't try to correct your mistakes as you're playing along with the record. You've got the first part of the solution, in that you've identified what what the actual problem is.

just touching the other string isnt necessarily a bad thing if you're not actually fretting it. If your finger is muting that string, its actually keeping it from ringing.

if your picking too many strings, try this exercise: hold down a chord that your trying to play, then watch what your picking hand is doing. try to start at the lowest string that you are playing and have it stop on the string higher than the highest note without actually picking it.

most of their songs are played with just downstrokes. they do use some alternate picking, which is an absolute necessity to learn anyway. the glen danzig era stuff is all im familiar with though

as for the chord thing, most misfits tunes are powerchords or R5 diads. basically the same thing except without the octave note.
typical power chord:

R5 "chord" (actually a diad)