Ok I got this Fender Player's Deluxe Series Mexican Strat. Even though I hate the Noiseless Pickups it has I absolutely love this guitar. So last night, apparently, I played a very drunk gig, which I recall was still awesome and I find that my guitar suffered 2 major gashes in it's body. See photo. So what should I do?

1. Don't Fix (I kinda like the roadworn, well actually roadkill look it now has!)
2. Change pickups (whole 'nother story I just hate how souless those pickups are)
3. Or accept a trade for an Ibanez artcore.
- On this matter obviously the Strat has more value than an Ibanez Artcore. But since it loss a lot of value because of the lost paint Im inclined to try a semi Hollow body. I mostly play rock, blues and almost anything that has distortion or just plain clean. Would a semi hollow body suit my style if I choose to trade?
Change the pickups and keep it.

You love it clearly and the damage has an awesome story....Its obviously meant to be your guitar.

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these battle scars give your guitar character and personality thats completely unique to your guitar. it has a story behind it. i love when crap like this happens to my gear by accident!

and yes, the artcore will suit your style, but it'll give a completely different sound than your strat could. btw, i love your pick guard on that strat!
Thanks for the suggestions guys. But Im still considering changing those pickups. They are virtually 'noiseless'. I can't get feedback when I want to and they lack personality. Any suggestions for pickups? I mean for a good warm distorted sound?
I would clear coat those gashes and just leave em as is. Or just leave them period, but it will get dirty with dust over time from sweat, dust, dirt embedding itself in the wood grain.

I agree with the others, gives the guitar character and you have a great story behind it.
Hmmmm maybe the ones that arent noiseless?

MIA strat pickups? or maybe some BKPs?

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb