I have an old '89 squire strat that i put my own sort of unique design onto. i did this late october/early november. i used electrical tape (stuck it on, carefully cut it to not damage the finish) and its worked great up until a few weeks ago. i guess the humidity of the summer is starting to not only peel away the tape, but move it out of place and leave behind the sticky part of the tape on the guitar.

i'm going to take it off, but i want to keep the design on the guitar. i was wondering if there's any way to do this other than having to refinish the guitar. i know i can use a sharpee (permanent marker) but my friend's guitar that has it started to wear off after only 3-4 months of playing. i dont want to constantly have to redo the job. i am planning on gigging with this guitar still when bands come back together, and my sweat eats through things.

what would the best way to do this without refinishing the guitar? i dont have the time necessary for this.
Do the sharpie thing (or I use Sakura paint pens, they're amazing) and put a clear coat on it. You can find it at any bigger hardware store, it's in a spray paint-like can. There are probably better options to clear coat, but that way's cheap and effective enough.
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pics of the finish?
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pics of the finish?

like i said, its just electrical tape right now that has started to peel off. it doesn't really look the way it used to anymore. its just straight on the guitar. if you really want pictures, i can show you though... after i redo it i can post some of the finished product as well!
i finally made a little time, so i'm going to hopefully get this done either today or tomorrow.

are there any other suggestions on how to go about this?

if i go with the first option, do i use that paint pen over top of the the finish that is currently on my guitar (do i need to sand it or can i leave it on)?