Hey dudes and ladies!

I'm sure none of you remember but i uploaded a version of this song awhile ago, and it wasn't received very well at all. I recorded it before i knew what i really wanted the song to sound like and i only did a few vocal takes and slapped it up.

But now! I have reworked it and completely re-recorded it, and i want y'all to tell me what you think of it!

It's called "One More Ride", it's an original (duh) and you can find it on my profile, which is this! http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Altitudinous/

I will be as specific and helpful to you in my re-crits for you guys as you are to me, so let's get it going!


Instrumentally everything sounds very good! I think I detect a couple of spots where you cut/copied & pasted some audio together, but that's nit picking. I'm trying to remember if I've heard this song before, but I know I've heard at least one of your tunes before. Your vocal pitch control is noticeably better than what I remember. It's a good recording! Please review my music at this link:

Comments as they come to me.

Acoustic tone is absolutely brilliant. The vocals I think need to be lower in the mix, initially they're very punchy which I don't think is suitable for this style. The piano is a very nice addition. You have a nice gritty but smooth voice. Vocals are very decent. Your acoustic work is extremely tight, great stuff. Could do with a lead guitar track, even if very subtle, just a thought. Maybe also some extra vocals, some harmonies would go a long way to make this even better. The panning is handled very well. The final chorus is great, hair-raising! The outro/bridge before final chorus also, absolutely brilliant. I just heard some harmonies too so disregard the earlier comment!

Overall mate, that was an extremely well done piece. I can't think of many ways it could be improved on. Loved it!

Cheers for the feedback!
The piano is a nice touch. I think the guitars are a little too "spiky" when you accent and they could use a low cut (there's some low-level rumbling going on, especially noticeable during the intro). I agree with Tomaz24 that this needs some harmonies in the chorus (all the choruses). I'd also like to hear some bass and possibly another instrument or two. You don't need much, just a few little additions here and there to keep it interesting.
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Reviewing as I listen.

Damn you've got a nice acoustic sound. Wish I could do that. Nice little arpeggio/chord progression. Reminds me a lot of Blink-182, possibly of What Went Wrong. Nice piano work too, that adds a lot. Very friendly chorus, It'll probably be stuck in my head for the rest of the day (in a good way). Sounds like you double tracked the acoustic and its very well tracked. The lyrics are a strong point, down to earth, very real to me. Definitely sounds like one of the summer songs you'd hear on the radio. Very well done.

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I agree with lowering the vocals. And I also agree that adding some harmonies for the vocals in certain areas would help a lot (the peak areas, mainly). Piano works wonderfully with it. Instrumentally, it's pretty good. Start focusing on the tone of your voice and your singing style. A gentler, softer voice would work much better.

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i hope that aint you in the picture. anyway. nice cetchy rythem. i like the keys at 35 seconds. lyrics are okay. "what would you rather live without" thats a cool line. nice cethcy song man. i dont think i heard this before. its good. a nice coffee ship type song. you got my foot tapping and that cant be a bad thing. well done man. realy nothing to improve on. i think some drums would sound nice with this though. good job.

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