lookin' for some pointers guys.

okay so i learned the tabs for the whole intro/1st solo part of killing an arab (the cure)
i have been trying to play it up to speed now and i can barely pull it off, mostly with luck.

not surer what my level is (beginner intermediate ect.) but have been play for a couple of years and i know a little about sweep picking and economic picking.

i was hoping to get some tips that might help me nail this, and maybe more difficult song in the future.

also about the sweep picking, i can seem to get it down smoothly. it feels like the pick is tugging on the string and thus messing up my timing.

help would be appreciated thanks.

EDIT: i'm playing it on my acoustic if it matters
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set the metronome to where its just 2 metronome ticks and nothing else then set the bpm to a speed your comfortable with. when you can play it easily increase the bpm by 3-5 then jsut keep doing that over and over until your at full speed.

EDIT: you might want to buy an electric, theyr much easier to play fast on
Practice. Killing an arab is fun, (THE SONG) so take it slow and just build it up. Make sure u hit every note correctly before speeding up, don't carry mistakes with you.
START OUT SLOW really this is the most important thing. If you start fast later it sounds like crap.
ah pheck, i popped a string (the high e) won't be playing this song for a while. guess i'll have to wait til someone flushes another string