Ahh it has been a while since I bought some piece of gear. And there is 2 things I'd like to buy, a new amp and a new guit.

I currently play with a Fender Strat US and a Vox AC4TV
I'd like more versatibility so I was looking for a good Les Paul

I was about to buy a Gibson but I came across Agile's AL-3000 CSB, wich sounds as good as the Gibson to my ears (Sounds abit different but I prefer the Agile)

With is around 550$ shipped

And theres the Orange Tiny Terror, feels like it has that solid British tone im looking after.
Im trying to get a Jimmy Page tone or close to it, high treble, low bass good sustain.

Good choices for what im looking for?


I hear those Agiles are the way to go....so yes move forward on that.

I personally would pass on the Tiny Terror.

We can help a bit further here.

Budget? for amp
Genres? Zep and what else?
Home or Gig?
Current Gear?
Current locacion? important