Lately I've found myself spending the majority of the time I play guitar playing acoustic fingerpicking songs. So far I've learned the albums The Freewheeling Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan and Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron and Wine. I want to play more songs like the ones on those albums, but I'm having trouble finding anything. Does anybody have any suggestions for folk/indie rock songs I could learn, preferably reasonably complicated ones?
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Here's a list of songs I'd reccomend:

"Stop This Train"- John Mayer
"Who Says"- John Mayer
"Tears In Heaven"- Eric Clapton
"Neon"- John Mayer (VERY hard song by the way)
"Heart Of Life"- John Mayer
"Clarity"- John Mayer

*Probably, just listen to a bunch of John Mayer songs. He uses fingerpicking alot in his playing. Good luck!
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I'd say give The Tallest Man on Earth a shot. He's got some funky tunings, but his songs are challenging and fun. Aaaand, Nick Drake stuff.
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