as you probably know, seagull and art & lutherie are both made by godin. their parlors are made of the same woods, are the same sizes, and many people believe that they sound alike. yesterday i decided to compare. i did a blind A-B test, then a not blind one.

the results i can't explain. i played both guitars to my husband, then had him play them to me, and the results were the same - the a&l was significantly louder, but had less nuance and overtones, and was more strident. we were able to pick them out blind with no effort at all.

something we did notice is that the a&l overdrove more easily on both the ones we tried. the sound topped out while i was fingerpicking or strumming fairly softly considering, so the sound distorted a little. the seagull handled everything perfectly. my husband felt that the a&l tops were stiffer, possibly from being overbuilt.

my conclusion is that the seagull is definitely worth the moderately higher price. at mccabe's yesterday they were only $60 apart, although i think there's usually a little more price difference.
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