I'm looking for a new multi effects pedal and I'm wondering which one I should get?

What I want is:

#1 TONE and EFFECTS QUALITY- I don't want waste money on something that sounds like digital garbage.

#2 RELIABILITY- I've already had a problem with an expensive effects pedal that couldn't take stage abuse. I want something TOUGH that's going to last.

#3 EASE OF USE- I want to change effects, tone, amp modeling on the fly. If I'm onstage I don't want to look like an idiot messing around with my pedal.

That's the basic stuff I'm looking for... I'm interested in the Digitech Rp1000 now, because it doesn't steal your amps tone. You can bypass the onboard amp modeling and use your amps tone, while using the pedals effects (which i REALLY like).

I want to know if there are any other pedals out there that are similar or better with the specifications that I want...
I have the Line6 POD XT and X3 Live. Can't speak for other brands, but at least can do a comparison of these.

The XT is built like a tank compared to the X3, which sucks because the X3 is the higher-end model. The X3 has better range of tonal control, since you can run two tones at the same time, as well as it having more overall amps to pick from. The X3 also has a mic input, and you can use one of the two tone patches for vocal effects if you wanted. The X3 also has an FX send/return, which the XT does not have.

Even though I run mine through a Peavey Valveking 100 head with an efx loop, I still go straight into the input with it and use the clean channel on the amp (with a patch cable in the efx loop). The 4 cable method didn't do it for me. The only benefit I got by using the efx loop was less noise from the USB connection when plugging it into the computer.

I get a much more bright, gritty distortion by letting the amp color the tone on the clean channel with the bright enabled, but that's personal preference. The tones used when bypassing the VK are still pretty good on their own for what it's worth, and probably a better setup if you want less of a harsh, hardcore metal tone and more of a rock/heavy rock tone.

I'd recommend both, but would say the XT is probably better if you want more durability for stage use and you don't care for dual tone, mic input and an fx send/return.
Do you really need amp modeling?
If not then go for a Line6 m13, apart from the drives, the effects sound very good.
Honestly, digital effects will always sound digital. If you want actual analog sounding stuff then you won't get that in the mfx's mentioned so far, in higher end ones you might.
Anyhow since you didn't mention a budget & considering the RP1000 can be around $500, we'll assume your budget is $500.
Try looking at the TC electronics stuff as well if effects are what you are only after. For amp modelling, the RP1000 & GSP1101 are good options although the later one gets my vote.
The M13 is also very good.
Well... I'm thinking about getting a tube amp like a mesa boogie stilletto or an older peavey 5150.

So I was thinking the rp1000, because you can bypass the amp modeling while using the effects and expression pedal, and if I ever need to have a certain sound I can always use the onboard amps...
Couple nice things about the RP1000. One, as noted, you can shut off the amp modeling and just use your amp's sound (using the RP essentially as a programmable pedal board). You can also keep your stompboxes and run them through a loop, which can be turned on and off, and you can run a preamp through a separate loop. The amp modeling works pretty good through a tube amp, actually, if you turn your amp's bass almost all the way down and set the treble and mids at about 25%.

i don't know if this is in your price range, but many people rave about the TC g system. even think steve vai played with it on tour as well. even had send receives for whatever pedal(s) you want to run.


i have heard mixed reviews about their 'nova' multi effects system.
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I've got a TC Elec nova system and its outta this world good.....and really easy to use.
Playing on some new gear....review to follow