Hey there!
I was browsing the net a few days ago when I came across a Squire Classic Vibe 50's Strat. The finish looks lovely, and I have been told it out plays the Fender Mexican Standards. Any word on this guitar? If you have had any past experiences with this guitar please say! Whats the action like, the neck is glossed so is it sticky? Heres a vid with it in action:


It might play like crap. But c'mon, it does look pretty damn sexy...
Having played them, I can tell you right now they are in fact just as good as a MexiStrat.
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Thanks for the info man! I need to get off my lazy arse and get down a guitar store to take a look at one of these. Cheers.
i cant remember if i played any of the guitars, but i played pretty much all of the classic vibe basses. damn good for the money. they sound good and feel good. not going to match a high end instrument, but i liked them just as much or more than the MiM basses i was trying. ended up with something else that fit what i wanted better, but i think they are very much worth trying out.