I have had fret buzz on my high frets and after a lot of confusion it seems that its definitely my truss rod.

the heat and humidity has changed rapidly here lately so it makes sense.

I have had the guitar 7 months and the buzzing started just over a month ago.

i have just tested the rod using this advice:

If you hold down the low "E" at the 3rd fret and with your other hand hold down the low "E" at the 15th fret if you tap the string in between those there should be just a bit of space between the strings and the frets. If you have a good eye you should also notice a bit of a bow in the neck around the 7th to 10th frets.

(is that a good test?)

theres virtually no gap (if any), so do i turn the rod clockwise or anti clockwise?
Take it to a guitar shop, they will adjust it without the risk of messing up your guitar at all. And, if they do, they will either fix it, or replace the guitar. In my opinion, unless you've been practising for a while on cheaper guitar's, then you shouldn't be attempting to do anything as severe as adjusting the truss rod.
I just did that with both of my guitars and got almost no space with my Schecter, and very little space with my Dean. I'm assuming that means I have some relief on the Dean, and the neck on the Schecter is pretty straight...

I dunno. That seems kinda sketchy.