Well today while browsing Craig's List I came across an ad for a Cort Electric Guitar for $50.00 so I checked it out and I decided to go and see it in person and try it out. I thought it was pretty cool but never saw a Cort look like this or can find one listed. It looks exactly like a Hondo Sting. I have a Hondo Sting Headless guitar and thought this would be cool to grab for $50.00. It came with a padded gig bag, Cort Strap, cord, two guitar tuners, three music books, 2 sets of extra strings, a bunch of pics, the tools and instruction manuals all for $50.00. It looks like it might have been some starter pack. I didn't get to try it thru an amp but the guitar felt good the neck was straight and it didn't have any fret buzz but the frets are a little sharp. It looks like it is probably a plywood body, maple neck, rosewood fret board inline open tuners a Fender like trem that works pretty well.

I got it home and plugged it in and was pleasantly surprised at the tone and pick ups. It needs some tweaking but the neck feels good it's fairly fast and it does sound decent. It will need to have the pots cleaned or replaced the toggle is very loose so that will be replaced as well. All in all a great $50.00 purchase but not sure if it's a real Cort the decal looks a little off to me. I tried to bring it out a little better when I was working on resizing the pics. If anyone knows what model or if Cort ever made this style please let me know. I still think it's a Hondo with a Cort decal but I could be wrong.

This and my Sting both are the same exact shape. It's funny because Ran Guitars copied the shape later on.

I am happy with this guitar but I will be tweaking it in the future.

Dammit, I always look on craigslist for those guitars that people sell and they have no idea of the price.
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I don't think fake Cort guitars are made, they don't really have any high end guitars, at least not I've seen. Definitely looks nice for $50 though, try googling the serial number

defo looks different.

i am sure i have asked before, but how do you like the spider?

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HNGD! I hope yours is better then the one Cort I bought back years ago. The guitar was so bad burning it would have been a waste of heat.

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I love my Spider II. I can get just about any tone I want out of it and it performs awesome. I gig with it and have had no problems even after some drunk moron knocked it off stage during a show aside from a scuff on the corner protector it cranked right up after we plugged it back in.

I am not a fan of Cort guitars myself but for $50.00 I figured it was worth it just to mess with. Every Cort I have ever tried felt cheap and cheesy but I rarely come across them. This guitar is in mint condition and truthfully I can't tell how old it is it could be vintage or new. I found the tone knobs to be frozen stiff. I had to spray them down with TV tuner cleaner and now they work fine. It says it was made in Indonesia on the head stock but all the pots and other parts are marked JAPAN. Maybe the neck is a Cort and the body Hondo I still haven't been able to find any info on this guitar but i have to say it sounds pretty dam good the pups seem like they are very high output. I am getting great distortion out of them on both the Line 6 and my Combo tube amp. The fret board could use a good cleaning and some lemon oil and it really needs a new set of strings. I was surprised to see 5 springs on the trem usually three is enough and it has light gauge strings on it. It's no Gibson for sure but it is sooo much better than the LTD EX 50 I tried earlier this weekend. That was selling for $75.00.

That's the sexiest $50 I've seen in a looooong while. HNGD!
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Man, I hate where I live. There is never anything on Craigs List besides Ibanez Gio's and Schecter Omens, and I'm always subjected to all the cool cheap shit people on here find on Craigs List.
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