So i just finished a month long program where I learned how to use Logic studio, but the studio where I would be recording uses Pro Tools. Logic got me a little more familiar with DAWs, but how much more complex is Pro Tools than Logic?
it's no more complex. most of the concepts are the same, it's just a slightly different way of going about it. just use it as much as you can and you'll get the hang of it in no time. always be open to people's suggestions too. the beauty of protools is in the little things that make it more efficient but that not everyone has dug deep enough to find.

personally, i love both of them but think protools handles audio and editing a whole lot better. you'll hear of a lot of people who use logic for production work and the fly it all into PT to track the audio and mix it.
My friend dabbled with Pro tools. He hates it but apparently so many people use it here. I'm more of a cubase man myself..
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I've heard from DigiDesign forums about people recently ditching the ProTools boat, but anyway, It doesn't seem that different, the layouts are a little different, but the only major difference is ProTools' colour system.

I think a few hours on ProTools should get you going.

I recently learnt ProTools, then when I went to a new studio, they had Logic, I've go the hang on it within a day.
People really not like Protools? Well people must still use it... AVID practically run the pro media production industry.

I've always used Cubase on long projects, thought it was a great suite myself. Recorded a whole album on it.